“The bootcamp gives you a solid foundation and a good starting point,” says JAVA bootcamp participant

One of our priorities is to welcome new IT stars into our company. We achieve this by offering fully paid boot camps held at our Prague or Brno offices for a group of interested students who must meet specific requirements. Read more about our JAVA boot camp participant, Tomáš Mokrý, and learn more about his journey!

Could you share how and where you discovered that we provide bootcamps for junior individuals interested in IT?

I heard about this program at Engeto, where I completed Python and Java courses. I was immediately interested in the offer because I really like the concept of intensively studying specific technologies that are used in the company before joining the team.

Give us an overview of the duration of the program, the size of your group, and how the daily training sessions were organized.

The program started in September with a group of 12 people and will run for 6 months. The entire boot camp takes place at EmbedIT Brno offices, where we spend 8 hours a day on both theory and practical exercises. The first half of the program concentrates on Java, while the later half expands to cover a range of additional technologies.

Did the bootcamp give you all the information and knowledge you expected and need for your work? Did you, as a team, collaborate? Did you help each other?

I think this bootcamp gives you a solid foundation and a good starting point. Of course, as you progress through the course, you realize the extent of what you still need to learn in the future. My bootcamp colleagues are great. We work together, share knowledge and support each other.

Is there any highlight you would like to share?

I like the concept of being integrated into real teams about two months before the end of the program. Our weeks are divided between two days of real team experience and three days of classroom learning. I think this is a smart strategy that ensures a more seamless and efficient transition.

Returning to your background, could you tell us about your field of study and what led you to pursue a career in IT, particularly focusing on Java?

I’m a graduated architect, and for the past eight years, I’ve been involved in 3D architectural visualizations. My journey led me to IT due to a strong desire and need for change. The work-life balance in my previous field, especially with family responsibilities, was not the right fit for me. In programming I’ve found great opportunities for personal development and a platform to apply both creative and constructive thinking.

How did you feel here with us at EmbedIT? How do you find it as a place to work and develop yourself?

I feel welcomed and everyone I’ve met at EmbedIT so far has been super friendly and supportive and I believe this positive experience will continue. I definitely see EmbedIT as a place where I can learn a lot. I also appreciate the location of the Brno office, which offers a pleasant atmosphere and a very nice view of the city of Brno.

Lastly, what would you recommend to new people joining the bootcamps?

Go for it. It is a great opportunity for significant learning. Give your best effort, enjoy the learning process and use this fantastic experience to be a part of EmbedIT.