Advanced Cyber Security

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Today’s organisations require agility and innovation to deliver seamless digital experiences. Yet an increasing reliance on more complex, connected and open technology ecosystems makes you more vulnerable to a huge variety of cyber risks and attacks. You need a more forward-thinking approach to cyber security and resilience. Our team of highly certified cyber security experts have extensive knowledge gained from over 15 years working in complex and highly regulated environments, and will work by your side to deliver the cutting-edge security measures your business needs. 

Embed our cyber experts

There’s a shortage of professionals with the skills needed to protect organisations from cyber attacks – and this skills gap shows no signs of waning.

Get the IT technical expertise you need now, without the need for significant HR and IT investment. We’ll identify the right combination of cyber security skills that aligns to your specific needs, sourced from EmbedIT’s pool of highly experienced staff. Whether you need hands-on security experts or even C-level information security executives, we can offer you full flexibility with fractional or full-time roles depending on your needs, managed on an ongoing basis.  

CyberCheck - governance, risk & compliance 

Evaluate and improve your level of compliance with diverse regulations and standards like NIS2, DORA, CyberLaw or ISO 27000.

We’ll deliver a comprehensive and independent assessment that will give you an unbiased evaluation of your current compliance status, providing legal insights into non-compliance risks. We’ll give you a legal view on the risks of non-compliance, and we’ll focus on practical steps you can take to improve compliance, across risk management and resilience testing, incident management, and more, and we can support and coordinate remediation for you. 

SOC journey advisory 

To navigate today’s new security paradigm, your organisation must balance agility and efficiency with a robust set of cyber security measures that keep you protected, informed, and futureproofed.

Explore the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity with our Security Operating Centre (SOC) services journey. Benefit from continuous Security monitoring 24/7, bolstered by Threat intelligence, Vulnerability & Threat management, Resilience testing, Security awareness initiatives, and Brand protection strategies.  

Our highly experienced advisors apply their deep technical and business knowledge and cyber best practices to provide perspective and insight on the status of your security infrastructure. They’ll work with you to help you define and implement a joined-up solution to mitigate risks and put you in control.  We'll assist you on the path to SOC - whether internal or external - with the goal of covering your needs from your current state to where you want to be.

Cloud & infrastructure security services 

Let us help you secure your cloud environment with our Infrastructure/Cloud services. Cover Azure, AWS, and container security with us, along with process and organizational activities, rather than specific products.

We are proficient in working with open-source tools within Kubernetes container security, addressing container security and security in cloud environments. 

Identity and access management

Helping you to better manage the tools, processes and policies that secure access to your organisation’s resources and data. We’ll analyse your current processes, before integrating all your access management tools and delivering enhanced monitoring, logging, auditing and automation, to improve security levels and reduce IT team workloads. 

Safeguard your organization's sensitive data and resources with granular control over user permissions and authentication protocols with our cutting-edge Identity and Access Management concept. Say goodbye to unauthorized access and streamline workflows with seamless identity verification processes. Enhance compliance with regulatory requirements and fortify your cybersecurity posture against evolving threats. Elevate your organization's security infrastructure today with our tailored Identity and Access Management concept. 

Microsoft 365 licence & security optimisation

We will make sure you’re getting the most out of your Microsoft 365 licenses while strategically distributing them where they’ll have the greatest impact. It’s not only about Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, there are many of other applications which will help your business success like education features, financial features, development features and more. 

Microsoft customers are regularly informed about the automatic activation of default security values and new implemented features, we will evaluate the criticality of the information and create an action plan for you. Email phishing and ransomware attacks, breaches through Teams and OneDrive collaboration tools, weak passwords and multi-factor authentication fatigue are just a few of the top security threats associated with Microsoft 365 cloud solutions. 

We can help you identify and analyse the risks and provide recommended solutions in areas such as auditing, monitoring, alerting and remediation, to improve security across all your Microsoft apps: Office, Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and more. 

Asset governance and protection 

Unlock the potential of your corporate assets. We develop an effective Asset Management strategy by assessing the current state, tailoring best practices to your context, prioritizing critical items, and optimizing tracking, control, and reporting mechanisms for efficient management. 

We ensure compliance with ISO 55k (Asset Management), ISO 27k (Information security management systems), and other relevant standards. Integration with existing processes (e.g., Change enablement, Information security management, Incident management, Capacity, and performance management) is seamlessly executed.

Our approach is vendor-agnostic, ensuring flexibility in selecting the most suitable solution. 

Technologies we work with



IBM Security QRadar

D3 Smart SOAR


Fortra DLP

Microsoft Intune

Microsoft PowerPlatform

Microsoft 365





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