Enterprise IT Transformation

Having a strong strategy isn’t enough to keep a business driving forward: if your IT systems aren’t flexible and scalable, you’ll never achieve your goals. But for businesses with complex, distributed, or legacy IT systems, it can be hard. Our team of digitalisation experts can help you to create agile systems that can support your people and your customers, now and in the future.

IT strategy & architecture

Purchasing new infrastructure or services, including cloud services, without an overarching strategy can result in an IT landscape that’s costly and complex to manage.

Our strategists work alongside our enterprise architecture experts (including infrastructure, data, apps and integrations) to review and report on your current architecture for alignment with your strategic vision and opportunities for optimisation. We’ll help you to maximise the return on your IT investment (ROI), and we’ll help you to ensure or strengthen regulatory compliance.

/ Return on investment maximisation (ROI) / Total cost of ownership optimisation (TCO) / IT regulatory compliance

Application development

Off the shelf solutions sound great but in practice they rarely meet all of your needs. Our application development teams can help.

We’ll use the right combination of tools for you requirements – adapting or customising an off-the-shelf solution, adding or integrating a number of technologies and solutions, or even developing something more bespoke. We’ll bring together elements from our wide product portfolio, including enterprise IT solutions, infrastructure, advanced cyber security, data, analytics, AI and automation.

Core business digitalisation

Replacing traditionally paper-based and manual processes can increase transaction processing speed, enable fully digital and online workflows, and reduce costs and risk.

We combine data, analytics and AI technologies with the latest automation and precision decisioning technique to create solutions that standardise and accelerate business workflow processing. And because we build using a flexible, modular approach, it’s easy to keep your digital processes updated even as your business processes and strategies change.

Business process automation

Automating key business processes and workflows can eliminate mundane and repetitive tasks and improve accuracy, while also freeing your people to work on tasks that are higher value (and more satisfying to do).

Our heritage and experience working in business enables us to deliver solutions with real impact. Whether it’s cloud orchestration and automation, self-service chatbots or more, we’ll guide you through the process end-to-end. from strategy and design to process modelling and orchestration that will accelerate your business progress.

/ Business process modelling
/ Business process orchestration

Precision Decisioning™

Successful businesses are those that can make the right choices, fast. Precision Decisioning™ uses your business data and experiences to help dramatically increase the accuracy and speed of business-critical decision making.

A programmatic decision engine works together with workflows designed specifically for your business needs. Reduce your manual workloads and business risk, while increasing positive outcomes by defining thresholds to automate decisions, in a flexible framework that supports your business now, and effortlessly adapts for the future.

Cards & payments

Our financial services background includes significant experience helping customers to leverage cards and payments processing.

Our payments experts can help you with solutions that include our Visa connector – which delivers direct integration with the Visa network, enabling you to replace third-party payments services – and end-to-end Visa card/contactless issuance. You’ll get greater reliability, better control, and faster service, through solutions delivered with the highest levels of security and certification.


With practical experience of providing and managing very large debt collection centres in Europe and Asia, we're ideally placed to provide an end-to-end debt collection solution for any size business.

Experts from our competency centre will guide you through the process, from initial strategy and solution design through to implementation into your business, including integrations with external data sources and core business systems such as SAS, SAP, and Genesys. We’ll create a solution designed for your exact business needs, using a combination of on-premises and cloud solutions, and with support for working from home and remote operators.

/ Loxon / Genesys / SAP / SAS

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Why EmbedIT
for enterprise IT transformation?

Expert Analytics

Our team delivers unparalleled expertise in unraveling data complexities.

Innovative Solutions

We pioneer innovative approaches to transform data into strategy.

Real-time Insights

Experience the power of actionable insights in real-time.

Secure Data

Your data's security and confidentiality are our top priorities.

Custom Integration

We offer tailored solutions that perfectly fit your business needs.

Continuous Support

Depend on our unwavering support throughout your data journey.

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