Partner Solutions

Our skills and experience don’t stop at our own services. Our competency centres enable highly experienced teams to focus on generating real business value from specific, market-leading partner solutions.

We have competency centres for the core business technologies you’d expect, such as Genesys (contact centre/telephony), SAP (for ERP), SAS (for CRM) and and Loxon (debt collection). But we also have highly experienced technologists ready to support you with partner solutions for precision decisioning (Blaze Advisor, Drools), process orchestration (Camunda), biometrics (Innovatrics), payments (Thales) and more.

No matter the partner, we work together as one, supporting the full lifecycle from needs analysis, to design, implementation and support, to make sure you get the deepest benefits possible.

  • Genesys

  • SAP

  • SAS

  • Loxon

  • FICO Blaze Advisor

  • Camunda Zeebe 

  • Innovatrics

  • Thales payShield HSM

Technologies we work with


.NET and C#







AWS / Azure

Why EmbedIT
for partner solutions?

Expert Analytics

Our team delivers unparalleled expertise in unraveling data complexities.

Innovative Solutions

We pioneer innovative approaches to transform data into strategy.

Real-time Insights

Experience the power of actionable insights in real-time.

Secure Data

Your data's security and confidentiality are our top priorities.

Custom Integration

We offer tailored solutions that perfectly fit your business needs.

Continuous Support

Depend on our unwavering support throughout your data journey.

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