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In today’s digital world, data is a key driver for organisational success – a foundation for aligning your offerings to customer needs, personalising and customising services, and making faster, better business decisions. But data volumes are doubling every few years, and hybrid IT landscapes mean that data is stored across multiple systems, on-premises and in the cloud – so a successful data strategy can be hard to achieve. Our team of data experts can work with you to accelerate your approach to data. We’ll help you create a single source of business intelligence that can be relied on by your whole organisation. We’ll help you to break down data silos, and to design and implement innovative data solutions based on the latest analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.

Business intelligence

Achieve greater foresight and less hindsight, with business insights that are easy to discover and implement.

We’ll help you to integrate a wide range of distributed and siloed data sources, to create a single, reliable business-wide source of intelligence across departments and divisions.

/ BI development and operations / Data integration and visualisation / Finance and risk intelligence / Data management and governance

Data strategy

To deliver on your organisation’s data needs, you need good tools: it’s time to banish unstructured data and Excel spreadsheets. But you also need a more complete data strategy – one that’s designed to overcome fragmentated data sources and unreliable access management.

Our data strategists have extensive hands-on experience in everything data, whether it’s storage and warehousing, large language models (LLM), predictive modelling (PM), reporting, governance, or more. With our data maturity assessment service, we’ll help you understand where you are on your data journey, working with you create a forward-looking data strategy roadmap and leading-edge data architecture that will accelerate your business progress.

/ Data maturity assessment / Data architecture / Data strategy roadmap

Data warehouse

Whether your organisation has an existing data warehouse, or a greenfield opportunity to create one, we can help you develop, maintain, and continuously extend your warehoused data, even within the most complex of business ecosystems.

We have years of experience working with datasets of hundreds of terabytes of data, hundreds of thousands of data tables, and unique procedures. We’ll help you fine tune the latest data warehouse structures and processes to meet your business needs – and futureproof your operations, with continuous innovation that builds on the newest trends and technology.

Operational data store

As your business data volumes continue to grow, getting the right operational data store is essential for optimising business impact. You need answers to your most pressing business questions, quickly and efficiently, so you can make data-informed decisions at the point of need.

Our data teams give your organisation the speed and agility it needs – bringing together our unique skills and well-known technologies, such as Oracle and Snowflake, to aggregate multiple systems, simplifying data queries, enabling real-time processing, and improving data quality all from a single location.

Big data

Your big data platform is a key factor in how well your organisation can manage and process data, and extract the insights you need to make data-backed business decisions. In reality, your platform is going to combine a variety of systems, tools, and hardware, and it needs to integrate seamlessly into your IT landscape – do you have the myriad of required skills available in your organisation?

Our data scientists have the experience to help you manage this complexity, whether you’re designing, developing and deploying new or upgraded big data platforms, even within a large, distributed IT environment. We’re used to handling massive data loads, consuming and curating data from multiple systems, and delivering solutions that provide easy, self-service access through technologies like SQL.

Data science and AI

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in data science is reshaping how we do business, revolutionising end user experience and how people interact with technology. It’s also becoming industrialised – your competitors are gaining significant business advantages by investing across the organisation in AI platforms and technologies.

We can help you leverage AI to gain greater impact from all your data, whether it’s data mining, large language models (LLM) for chatbot development, sentiment analysis, voice to text, predictive modelling for statistical analysis, feature engineering and boosting machine learning algorithms (MLOps), or advice and strategic decision support for your data science and AI challenges.

/ Data mining / Data analytics / Predictive modelling / AI-driven solutions / Machine-learning operations (MLOps)

Data governance

Data standards and policies are critical to business operations, and in particular, risk management. You need to be clear and consistent about how your data is gathered, stored, and processed otherwise your business could be significantly affected, both operationally and reputationally.

With a proven approach to managing complex data governance projects, we’ll focus on four zones of assistance – people, organisation, tools and processes – to create a forward-looking plan designed to create real business impact. It’s just part of the process we use to deliver you a truly tailored approach to data quality, management and protection.

Data migration and archiving

In a world of constantly increasing data volumes – and a fragmented systems landscape – business optimisation is likely to require data migration.

Whether you’re moving to a new systems architecture (such as SAP R/3 to SAP4/HANA), from an on-premises solution to a cloud solution (like Microsoft 365), or you need to archive cold data away from expensive primary storage, our team of data migration experts will bring their end-to-end implementation experience to your project. Together, we’ll create and implement a plan that firmly puts your business impact first.

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